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 Brain Hacker

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MensagemAssunto: Brain Hacker   Ter Jun 23, 2009 8:17 am


Status: disbanded (2002 - 2007)

line up

Vocals: Seiji

Bass: NoBu

Guitar: Yossy

Keyboard: Kazune

Drums: KOH$KE [support member]

Drums: Masashi [2002 / 2003 - gone]


Despite the fact that they disbanded, Brain Hacker
is definitely a band worth paying attention to. Their music is not
written in just one style, so everyone should be able to find something
interesting in it. Their songs are very lively, some are heavy, some
pretty light. Their style is generally rock, although filled with,
apart from guitars, a lot of piano (keyboard) sounds. However, you can
even find rap songs such as Charisma or classical compositions like Afureru namida on their CDs.

As for their image - it is just as pleasing to eyes as their music is
to ears. It's still evolving, but the effects are easy to see - it's
enough to compare photos from their early times to present ones to
notice how much they have already changed.


Brain Hacker
was formed in March 2002 by Kazune (an ex-support member for Malice Mizer who later played in May Breeze) and Masashi (ex-D-SHADE). Two months later they were joined by Seiji (known mainly from Amadeus), but they were still lacking a guitarist and a bassist. Finally in December the band hired two support members, Nobu (ex. Antique Doll) and Yossy. With complete line up, Brain Hacker started playing concerts.

In April 2003 Yossy became an official member, and Nobu followed him in May. On August 11th Brain Hacker released their first album entitled hΨ=0. Unfortunately happiness didn't last too long, because in October Masashi left the band. The vacant place was filled by a support drummer, KOHSKE. Before the end of 2003 Brain Hacker managed to release a maxi-single Coin/charisma which was distributed for free during a live on December 30th.

After over six months of silence, Brain Hacker attacked again releasing on July 27th, 2004, their first mini-album. Tsunagareta hitomi no nakano kioku
was really worth all the waiting. The band started to play more
concerts, and on November 12th released another two CDs - a mini album dokkiri horror show and a re-edition of hΨ=0.

In 2005, things started to quiet down for the band. It seemed that Brain Hacker's activities were mostly put on hold from then on. In the meantime, the members worked on other projects, such as Seiji contributing to HIZAKI's
solo project. Therefore, it didn't really come as a surprise that the
band announced in early 2007 to disband, and played their last live on
January 19.

However, at the end of 2007, the four members recruited a new drummer
and resurfaced under a new name. Currently, the band is active under
the name Art Cube.

[11.8.2003] hΨ=0 [Album]
[Maxi-Single] Brain Hacker - Coin/Charisma [30.12.2003]
[Mini-Album] Brain Hacker - Tsunagareta Hitomi no Naka no Kioku [27.07.2004]
[Mini-Album] Brain Hacker - Dokkiri horror show [12.11.2004]
[Album] Brain Hacker - SUMMIT 02 [19.11.2004]
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Brain Hacker
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