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MensagemAssunto: L'yse:nore   Qua Jun 24, 2009 11:32 pm

Status: disbanded (1997 - 1999)
Line up: Suiren (Katsu-Q)(Vo), hisashi(Gu), Yuuki(Gu, Synth Gu), Michiru(Ba), Tomoki(Dr).


In early 1997, three young men named Suiren (vo), Tomoki (dr) and hisashi (gt) decided to create a new, as of yet untitled, unit. In the spring Yuki ( was added to the lineup and eventually a bassist by the name Michiru joined. The lineup was now complete and the band decided on the name L'yse:nore for themselves.

Their first live was on November 9 in Urawa Narciss and their first demo, Kagami no Naka no Kioku,
was distributed. In early 1998, they held their first oneman in
Ikebukuro Cyber and their second demo tape was released in June and
sold in special indies shops. A second pressing was released in October
with an alternative cover and their fanclub, Pharmacy, was also opened in this month.

L'yse:nore's first mini album was released in December and due
to their immense popularity, they toured for several months throughout
Japan. Afterwards, they headed back into the studio for a bit. They
emerged in August 1999 with the release of their Four Leaf Clover single and more tours to promote it.

During this time, a rumor of their disbanding started to circulate and L'yse:nore
confirmed it. The only reason to their disbanding was the statement of
the ever-prevalent musical differences. Their final concert was on
November 2 at Shibuya O-WEST and they left their fans with the parting
releases of a CD and DVD, both entitled La Vision. In December they also released a special memorial album entitled Pharmacy.

Since disbanding, the only former member that seems to still be in the music scene is Michiru. He's since created the label Loop**Ash and has been in the groups Michiru Project, Aioria, S to M and others including the recently disbanded MASK. Hopefully we'll see him, as well as the other members, on the scene again real soon!!

[demo tape] [00.06.1998] - Tarot
[album] [01.03.1999] - Crystal Wall -Complete Edition-
[mini-album] [21.08.1999] - four-leaf clover

Fonte: JaME
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