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Feminino Idade : 28
Localização : inai KOKORO...

MensagemAssunto: Luinspear   Qua Jun 24, 2009 11:44 pm

Status: disbanded (1999 - 2001)
Line up: Jui(Vo), Aki(Ba).
Gone: Desa(Gu), Camus(Gu), Ruka(Dr).

Luinspear was formed in Sendai in 1999 and consisted of five members. Jui, the vocalist, and Aki, the lead guitarist, were the main members, later joined by support members Camus (ex. DE-VINE) on guitar, Desa (ex. LVY-NASS) on bass, and Ruka (ex. RASA) on drums. Their time together was short-lived, however, as, one-by-one, their support members left the band.

During their short duration, they released the demo tapes, G-CROSS and White Kiss, and the singles Isis~Ai Sono ni Bisuimu Miwaku no Hana, Luvis and Yami to Tsuki.

While their sound was somewhat typical visual kei, they had Jui's amazing and smooth vocals as their secret weapon. His voice, mixed with the haunting and mysterious melodies, was enough to make them distinguishable from other acts. Jui and Aki tried to carry on Luinspear on their own, but without their support members it proved to be too much and they officially disbanded in 2001.

Following that, Jui joined Vidoll, Aki joined Bishop, Camus joined Awent and Ruka joined Nightmare. Nothing has been heard about Desa's activities following Luinspear. Jui and Ruka also performed with Sakito (Nightmare) and Kazuki (Allucard) in a session band called Jururito.


[demo tape] [31.10.1999] - G-CROSS
[demo tape] [24.12.1999] - White kiss
[single] [10.01.2000] - Isis…... ~aien ni bisuimu miwaku no hana~
[single] [02.09.2000] - Luvis
[maxi-single] [14.03.2001] - Yami to tsuki

Fonte: JaME

ps- a musica do quizz 4 esta' no single "Isis... ~aien ni bisuimu miwaku no hana~" ^^
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Feminino Idade : 30
Localização : Lissabonne

MensagemAssunto: Re: Luinspear   Dom Jul 05, 2009 2:52 pm

*.* linda a musica do quizz, se forem tdas assim ja amu !

doumo Sami ^^
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